Attending an interview with the Danish Return Agency in Birkerød

As soon as you have received a decision from the Refugee Appeals Board with a set time limit for departure, you will be given a date and time at your first return journey interview with the Danish Return Agency.

The interview will be held at the Agency’s offices at Birkerød Kongevej 2–4, 3460 Birkerød, and you are obliged to attend this interview.

If you are prevented from taking part in the interview, you should contact your return journey adviser and explain why you cannot attend.

You have received the contact details of your return journey adviser from the Refugee Appeals Board. When you arrive at our Birkerød address, you should go to the main entrance and report your arrival to the reception. You will also have to hand over your bag and jacket, which will be returned to you after the interview. You will then be asked to take a seat in the waiting room.

A return journey adviser will collect you and, together with an interpreter, you will go to an interview room. The interpreter’s job is to translate what you and the return journey adviser say to each other. The interpreter has no influence on your case. Both the interpreter and the return journey adviser are subject to a duty of confidentiality. During the first interview, among other things, you will be asked whether you are prepared to cooperate on planning your departure from Denmark. Your answers will provide the basis for the decision that we make the same day about whether we consider that you are cooperating or not on planning your departure.

If you cooperate on your departure arrangements, we will draw up a return journey contract.

This contract will set out the specific tasks or offers on which you and the Danish Return Agency have agreed. The purpose of the return journey contract is to prepare your departure.

You can read more here about the return contract.

You can also apply for financial support if you cooperate on planning your departure.

You can read more about repatriation support here.

If you are unwilling to cooperate on your departure arrangements, we may decide to transfer you to a return centre where you may be made subject to reporting and residence duties. Cash benefits may be withdrawn, and you may also be prohibited from travelling to Denmark again.

You can read more here about the reporting and residence duties.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the Danish Return Agency.

You can find our contact details here.