The Danish Return Agency’s whistleblower system



As an employee of the Danish Return Agency, a cooperation partner of the Agency or an employee of a cooperation partner, you can forward details of questionable conduct via the Agency’s whistleblower system.


Examples of reportable conduct include criminal offences; serious or repeated violation of the law, principles of administrative law or significant internal Agency guidelines; serious personal conflicts in the workplace such as gross harassment, including of a sexual nature; and the intentional misinformation of citizens or cooperation partners.


To file a report use the digital whistleblower system. Access via the portal link below or type in the web address

You can file reportable conduct via the whistleblower plan without having to disclose your identity, for example, by using the digital solution via the link to the portal below. If you wish to be anonymous, note that you should not disclose your name or other personally identifiable information such as your address or telephone number, including in any attached documents.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you should also take care not to unintentionally disclose information about your identity through any files that you upload, including documents, films, photographs, etc.

Information from a computer on the Ministry of Immigration and Integration’s network or via the link to the whistleblower system on may be registered as part of the general logging of user activities on the ministry’s network. You can avoid this by entering the web address in a browser on a private or public computer not connected to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration’s network.

Your report

The Return Agency’s management secretariat will process your report independently and unbiased. The employees entrusted with the processing will receive no instructions on the actual management and the processing of the indvidual reports. They are furthermore subject to an extended level of confidentiality pertaining to any and all information disclosed in said reports.

We will consider your report as quickly as possible within normal office hours and within seven days, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt.

Should your report apply to the The Danish Whistleblower Act, we will conduct an investigation as to verify the contents. Filed reports outside the scope of the Act will be dismissed alongside information on where else to file your report, if possible.

We may need to ask you some questions to ensure there is sufficient information about the case for us to process it. If you have forwarded information without disclosing your identity or contact details, we can only communicate with you via the digital solution. It is therefore important that you follow your case by regularly logging on and responding to any questions from us.

Rights as a whistleblower

A whistleblower is granted certain rights. Among these protection against repercussions incl. suspension or dismissal, as a consequence of your report. Furthermore, you cannot be held liable for the disclosure of privileged information if you have reasonable grounds to deem it necessary to unveil a criminal offence. The whistleblower plan does not curtail the right of free speech of any government official.

Other whistleblower plans

You can report violations and/or transgressions to external whistleblower systems either Den Nationale Whistleblowerordning or one of the other external schemes. You may freely choose between filing your report internally or externally. However, we urge you to file your report directly to The Danish Return Agency, should you assess that the violation in question may be handled efficiently and without repurcussions.

Read more about the procedure for filing a report with the whistleblower system in Hjemrejsestyrelsens Whistleblowerpolitik. The Danish Whistleblower Act in its entirety can be found here.



You can access the Danish Return Agency’s whistleblower system here

Read the guidelines for whistleblower systems in the Ministry of Immigration and Integration’s field here (PDF, in Danish)

Read the common central government guidelines for whistleblower systems here (PDF, in Danish)

Read the IT guidance for whistleblower systems in the Ministry of Immigration and Integration’s field here (PDF, in Danish)

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